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Wedding Photography

High-Quality Professional Wedding Pictures

When you choose Hector Maranesi Photography to create a photographic record of your wedding day, we take the honor seriously. We feel that we are responsible for documenting the beginnings of the family history you are creating on your wedding day. These pictures will last 100 years, and they are the history of the family that starts on that day. Unlike the snapshots your guests take at the wedding using their phones, the photographs we take are the high-resolution images you will want to keep forever.

Reasons To Choose Hector Maranesi Photography

Some of the features of our services include the following:

• High-Quality Prints, Albums, & DVDs
• Members of Several Professional Photographers' Associations
• Referrals Available
• Free Engagement Session Allowing the Couple & Photographer To Get To Know Each Other
• Professional Personal Attire (Suit & Tie Or Formal Dress)
• Discreet Communicate Between Photographers Using Hands-Free, Two-Way Radios
• Back-Up Equipment (Extra Cameras, Flashes, Batteries, & Memory Cards)
• Photos Backed Up On Site After the Ceremony, Portrait Session, & Reception
• Arrival One Hour Before the Contracted Time
• Insured for Liability & Equipment
• A Clearly Written Wedding Photography Contract, With Detailed Descriptions of All Services & Products
• Optional Slideshow Of the Couple's Story
• Slide Presentation At Reception, Including Ceremony Photos & Post Ceremony Portraits
• Photos Printed on Site
• Mini Photo Album Printed & Delivered On-Site

Bride & Groom

Remember To Budget for a Photographer Early

Not hiring a professional photographer because of your “Limited Budget”? Are you going to rely on a friend? A family member who has a camera? or somebody with his top notch cellular phone? Think about this: those pictures are going to be part of your family history for the rest of your life and beyond.

During my long career (since 1963) I meet couples that have ordered a beautiful cake for about $ 1,000.00 a dress for over $ 2,000.00 but their photography budget is $ 500.00. Please use your money wisely and spend more in lasting memories. We offered our professional services to “budget couples” also.