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About Our Photographer

Hector Maranesi: Wedding Photographer Specialist
Since 1965

At the age of 9, Hector took his first pictures using his father's camera. When he was 14, he learned to process black and white film and print pictures, leading to his first professional assignment—a wedding shoot at the age of 15.

Hector began to shoot special social events with borrowed equipment. He also worked as a photography assistant in Argentina where he learned all the necessary skills to become a professional photographer. After saving, he installed his first set of professional photography equipment in his parent’s laundry room and soon became a tabletop photographer for a renowned cosmetics company. On October 9, 1971, the most important assignment of his life arrived: a wedding where he not only captured photos, but also the heart of his future wife, Grace. 

Hector arrived in the United States in 1985, where he continued to pursue his passion for photography. In the course of his career as a professional photographer, he has covered more than 2,000 assignments and generated over 100,000 pictures. Hector and Grace now pursue their passion for photography together in the latest phase of his career: wedding photography.